Attack drum samples

Attack Drums NKI

I’ve came across this small sample pack quite a long ago. So now I’m going to make a brief overview and share it with you.
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Guitar DIs processing tricks

Трюки с DI

Greetings to dear readers!
Wanted to tell you a couple of tricks of DIs processing (for hi-gain guitar parts primarily, but not only) before reamping them, which I have to use in my practice time to time during the years. Some of us will find them well known, while another will learn something new. These techniques helps in solving several types of common problems:

  • Make muddy and dark guitars brighter.
  • Add some metal clang to the tone.
  • Treat a weak uneven picking.

First of all, you’d better always record accurately and make quality (use good guitar with fresh strings, experienced musician with a good performance technique etc.), then fixing all the issues afterwards. But this is not always possible, so the following tricks may appear useful.

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Free Kemper Profiling Amplifier (KPA) profile – modern hardcore

Усилители, кабинет, микрофон

Here’s a Kemper profile with a signature tone from FateMaker and Ten Tonn Hammer!
The sound was tweaked individually for each project, but the base tone was this.

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Lacuna Coil drum cover (+mixing practice tracks)

This is my first drum cover as a newbie drummer. One of my favorite band’s song. The part is not 100% accurate, as it usually happens for covers.

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Reamping role


This is a note about electric instruments reamping. I’ll try to keep it simple, considering mostly creative and practical side of this process, instead of technical.

Reamping – is a possibility to pass a recorded guitar (bass or whatever electric instrument you’d like) part through some analog amplification/processing stack, starting from stomps and preamplifier and to picking up with a microphone(-s) from a cabinet. You’re able to reamp any kind of signal (e.g., let it be the vox) in case it corresponds to the general creative idea of the composition.

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Mixing practice multitracks, stems, raws

мультитреки Chango

I decided to make a post with a list of free multitracks to mix taken from the Chango’s FB community. You can access directly to the original document in the group here in case you’re a member already.

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DrumWerks Free Snare Samples


In this post I’m going to tell about the free pack of snare drum samples from DrumWerks.

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