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мультитреки Chango

I decided to make a post with a list of free multitracks to mix taken from the Chango’s FB community. You can access directly to the original document in the group here in case you’re a member already.

These multitracks are mostly instrumental covers on different popular bands in post-hardcore, metalcore, deathcore and other modern metal sub-genres. Most of them contain drums MIDI-part, guitars and bass DI, but some have vocals and synths as well. Make sure to check a readme file in case it is in the acrchive, because there you may find tempo values, some notes about the recording process and author’s copyright requirements. Many of these tracks were previously published on the UltimateMetal forum and then moved to the FB community.

Hope Chango’s group guys don’t mind me publishing it here, because of this replication is useful (some time ago a previous pretty large list were accidentally deleted from the group docs and they had to recover it manually, collecting all the links one by one. Also I take part in addition and keeping the list up to date as well (there is also a link to my vocal cover multitrack – Killswitch Engage – This Fire Burns). All the responsibility for the listed links contents is on their authors. I’ll keep this post contents up to date as far as possible. If you have a suggestion feel free to write it in comments!

  • A

A Day To Remember – 2nd Sucks (Edited by NRQ) (with vocals)

A Day To Remember – Have Faith in Me (with vocals)

A Thing About Machines – A Nightmare in 4D

Above the Broken – By Morning you’ll be Gone (with vocals)

Alesana – Tilting the Hourglass

All That Remains – This Calling (with vocals)

My mix of this song


Architects – Broken Cross

Architects – Early Grave

Architects – Naysayer

As I Lay Dying – Nothing Left

My mix of this song


As I Lay Dying – Wasted Words

My mix of this song


Asking Alexandria – To The Stage (with vocals)

Asking Alexandria – Someone, Somewhere

My mix of this song


Asking Alexandria – If You Can’t Ride Two Horses

Asking Alexandria – I Was Once, Maybe, A Cowboy King

Attack Attack – AC-130 (with vocals)

Attack Attack – Stick Stickly (instrumental cover)

Attack Attack – The Wretched

Attack Attack – Renob, Nevada

Attacking The Mind – Immigrant Song

Attila – Middle Fingers Up

August Burns Red – Composure (with vocals)

  • B

Beartooth – I Have A Problem (instrumental cover)

Being As An Ocean – Dead G-D (instrumental cover)

Born Of Osiris – The Other Half Of Me (with vocals)

Breaking Benjamin – Diary of Jane

My mix of this song


Bring Me The Horizon – Can You Feel My Heart (official remix stems, mixed, mp3)

Bring Me The Horizon – Shadow Moses (there is no vocals in this archive, the following mix is my vocal cover, using this instrumental)

My mix of this song


Bring Me The Horizon – Sleepwalking

Bury The Evidence – Separate Roads (with vocals)

  • C

Chelsea Grin – Recreant (with vocals)

Coal Chamber – Loco (with vocals)
(These raws’ origin)

The Color Morale – Hummannequin

Capture The Crown – You Call That A Knife? This Is A Knife!

Crown The Empire – Makeshift Chemistry (1 minute version)

  • D

The Devil Wears Prada – Assistant to the Regional Manager

The Devil Wears Prada – Kansas

My mix of this song


The Devil Wears Prada – Born To Lose

The Devil Wears Prada – Sassafras

The Devil Wears Prada – Danger: Wildman

  • E

Eli Rises – Nothing Holds Us Still (with vocals)

My mix of this song


Erra – Pulse (with vocals)

  • F

Fall Out Boy – Grand Theft Autumn (instrumental cover)

Five AM ft. My Twin Sam – I Need You Tonight (with vocals)

My mix of this song


  • G

Gideon – Unworthy (instrumental cover) Edited exclusively for nrqs.net

Graveborn – Immortal (with vocals)

  • H

Hatebreed – Divine Judgement

Humanity’s Last Breath – Animal (part 1, pwd: Wilding Studios)

Humanity’s Last Breath – Animal (part 2, pwd: Wilding Studios)

  • I

I Am Singularity – Dream Scales

My mix of this song


I Am Singularity – Equilibrium

I See Stars – NZT48 (instrumental cover)

I, The Enemy – Rise (with vocals)

  • J


  • K

Killswitch Engage – The Arms Of Sorrow (with vocals

My mix of this song


Killswitch Engage – This Fire Burns (with vocals)

My mix of this song

Killswitch Engage – In Due Time (with vocals)

Killswitch Engage – Rose Of Sharyn (famous JeffTD‘s DIs)

My mix of this song


  • L

Like Moths To Flames – Your Existence

My mix of this song


Lamb Of God – Hourglass

Lamb Of God – Redneck

Lamb Of God – Sacrament (mixed stems from the extended album version, mp3)

  • M

Megadeth – Holy Wars (instrumental cover)
(These raws’ origin)

Memphis May Fire – Alive In The Lights (instrumental cover)

Memphis May Fire – The Sinner (instrumental cover)

Memphis May Fire – The Victim (with vocals)

Meshuggah – Lethargica (instrumental cover)

Myroslav Raws (Draw The Line)
Author’s mix

  • N


  • O

Oceana – The Family Disease

The Ocean Floor – The Advocate

Of Mice & Men – O.G. Loko

Of Mice & Men – Ohioisonfire (instrumental cover)

My mix of this song


  • P

Palisades – High and Low (instrumental cover)

Periphery – Ragnarok

Periphery – Scarlet (+ Lauren Babic’s vox)
Mirror 1
Mirror 2

  • Q


  • R

Relient K – Who I Am Hates Who I’ve Been

  • S

Saint The Sinner – Dream, Cause, Effect

Sirona – Bitter
Rawsэ source, author’s reference mix.
South Korea In Vegas – III (EP)

Suicide Silence – Unanswered

Sworn In – Snake Eyes (with vocals)

Sworn In – Let Down (instrumental cover)

Slipknot – Sic (pwd: Ghostship Recordings)

Slipknot – Psychosocial (with vocals) – RePacked this track, added new MIDI with tempo embedded, aligned the DI parts, relative to the others.

  • T

The Acacia Strain – Human Disaster

The Plot in You – The Father’s Seed (instrumental cover)

The Plot in You – Miscarriage (instrumental cover)

Thy Art Is Murder – Shadow of Eternal Sin (pwd: Wilding Studios)

TesseracT – Nocturne (instrumental cover)

Tonight Alive – Don’t Wish (instrumental cover)

  • U


  • V

Villains – Directions To Servants

My mix of this song


Volumes – Intake (instrumental cover)

  • W

Whitechapel – Darkest Day Of Man (RePacked by NRQ) (with vocals)

Widek – Ghost Resurrection
Author’s mix

Widek – Passing (with vocals)

My mix of this song


Woe Is Me – I’ve Told You Once

Woe Is me – Mannequin Religion

  • X

Xehanort – Shinigami (with vocals)

My mix of this song


  • Y


  • Z


  1. Giovanni Navarrete says:

    Sworn In “Snake Eyes” download link is not working. Wondering if you would be able to send me that file through email or not.

  2. Gus Maia says:

    Insane stuff, thanks for sharing!

  3. junio says:

    What is the tempo signature of Suicide Silence song?

  4. Till says:

    Hey, Periphery – Ragnarok isn’t working. The download link seems to be expired… I’d be happy to mix this song. Please upload it. Keep up, great stuff here!

  5. ALEX says:


    • Nikolas Quemtri says:

      That’s strange, ’cause me and some of my friends have successfully used it.

  6. luca says:

    thank u so much for this! very sick material… i ve tried to open thy art is murder.rar but it ask for password i tried wilding studios but its not working can u check it 4 me please?

  7. Weston McNew says:

    The link for the Killswitch Engage songs isn’t working

  8. D Geomo says:

    Hey, the link for Psychosocial is down, any chance to fix it? Thanks:)

  9. dude says:

    Fall out boy link says nothing is there ?

  10. Joyjeet Panday says:

    TesseracT – Nocturne is no longer available.
    It’ll be amazing if a working link is provided.

  11. Nikolas Quemtri says:

    Updated links for:
    Fall Out Boy – Grand Theft Autumn
    Killswitch Engage – Rose Of Sharyn (Instrumental Cover)
    Slipknot – Psychosocial (Vox Included)
    Tesseract – Nocturne (Instrumental Cover)

    Chelsea Grin – Recreant
    Coal Chamber – Loco (With Vox)
    Megadeth – Holy Wars (Instrumental Cover)

  12. Trey Hoffman says:

    Could you update The Devil Wears Prada – Kansas please? Thank you!

  13. R B says:

    Looks like the link for Beartoith – I Have A Poblem is down.

  14. Dood1234123121 says:

    To the stage by asking alexandria and stick stickly by attack attack won’t work /:

  15. Osein says:

    You are awesome. This post helps me so much to improve my skills, thank you!

  16. Nikolas Quemtri says:

    Volumes – Intake (instrumental cover) added.

  17. Nikolas Quemtri says:

    – Widek – Ghost Resurrection (Instrumental)
    – Widek – Passing (with vocals)
    – The Devil Wears Prada – Assistant to the Regional Manager

  18. Alexandre says:

    Plot in you is dead! 🙁

  19. Liam Walker says:

    Hey Man Awesome Stuff Going on Here! Do you have the RAWs for the Five AM Song? Its not working for me and thats a dope Song.


    • Nikolas Quemtri says:

      I’ve just checked the link for the Five AM’s song, and it works.

  20. Nikolas Quemtri says:

    The Acacia Strain – Human Disaster added.

  21. Tom says:

    Gideon – Unworthy isn’t working… New link please? Cheers.

  22. Nikola says:

    What a tempo in the song “Sworn In – Let Down”?

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