Lacuna Coil drum cover (+mixing practice tracks)

This is my first drum cover as a newbie drummer. One of my favorite band’s song. The part is not 100% accurate, as it usually happens for covers.

The guitars were recorded by Dan James from ReampZone:
I had to edit them a bit to make them correspond to the radio-version of the song (Dan has recorded an album version of the song) + quantized slightly.
Synths and vocals are from the original.

Tama Silverstar birch drumset
Tama Silverstar birch: 22″, 10″, 12″, 16″, 14×5.5″.
Sabian HHX 14″ X-Celerator Hats, AAXplosion 17″ Fast Crash, AAXPlosion 18″ Crash, HandHammered china 18″.
(Haven’t used neither a ride, nor a double-bass pedal in this recording).

There is also a raw tracks of the song (including the drums, guitar DIs and everything else) for those who’d like to practice mixing real drums:
Tempo is 102 bpm throughout the song.
There may be some minor editing artifacts in the drum raws (I’m not so cool to record the whole song at a one take 🙂 ), but the point is to make it sound OK in the mix.

No copyright infringement intended: it’s made for entertainment and educational purposes only.

Posted by Nikolas Quemtri

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