Attack drum samples

I’ve came across this small sample pack quite a long ago. So now I’m going to make a brief overview and share it with you.
It was the post, where I first saw these samples:

Here’s a short demo of these drums from me:

Attack Drums – are the shells only, no cymbals (there are cymbals from another library in the example). No additional processing is done, because the samples are already processed, and some ambiance is added as well.

There are quite few round robin samples for each drum (just like with Chango’s FOP Kit), but that does not make the set useless: they still may be used either as an augmentation (using them to trigger a live drumset or another library, e.g. Superior Drummer, etc.), or in a raw state – they fits modern metal genres (metalcore, post-hardcore, melodic hardcore, etc.) quite well.

Due to its sounding, I suppose, that the kick and the snare might be just processed versions of the well-known Kick 10 and Snare 12A. But I haven’t succeed with such a processing over these samples yet. So, if you’re lucky to get a similar sounding out of those Slate samples, make sure to let me know. 🙂

I would not recommend making any complex parts or rolls with the snare drum:

Such a machine-gun! No wonder, because there are just a few hard hits sampled in it. The alternative may be an augmentation to a different snare, using the Attack snare for the highest velocity values only:

Attack Drums Snare Mixed

I’ve used this sample pack in a quite large number of projects so far. But I prefer not to use the Attack snare without mixing it with a different snare.

Here you may download Attack drum samples for free: WAV, NKI, TCI, GOG.
Archives password:
GOG-samples require Drumagog version 4 or higher. NKIs are compatible with NI Kontakt version 4.2.4 and higher.

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The Archive is asking for a password on this?

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