Mercuriall Audio Software has recently released a new MT-A plugin, which models the well-known Metal Zone stompbox.

Go to their official site and download it for free:
The plugin is released for Windows and OS X platforms and is also provided in all popular plugin formats used by the majority of DAWs.

So I have tested the stomp plugin an made a demo mix, using it to reamp the guitars. As a result, here’s a video:

I’ve also made a new cab IR, using my real Engl e412ss cab and some EQ. It’s used in this demo. I’m sharing it with you:

Posted by Nikolas Quemtri


Hello there…why is it that I’m using same vst same settings and my tone sucks big time compared to yours?

Nikolas Quemtri

Hey, the tone insanely depends on the performance and DI recording quality.

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