Looking for a good free bass sample library for rock/metal production?

There’s a big variety of commercial bass libraries and VSTis on the market, their free segment isn’t as rich though. There are couple of nice free bass sample libraries I suggest you to try in your music: JH Freedom Bass and DC Chronos Bass.

These basses are quite different tone and feature wise, but they both still may serve you well. Both libraries require Kontakt version 5.5+.
Check the video to watch me testing them:

DC Chronos Bass

[cml_media_alt id='695']DC Chronos Bass[/cml_media_alt]
This free bass sample lib by Death Culture Studio has simple features and high level of detail. There are different articulations switched by velocity range and string selection by key-switches (you have to select a string for each played note). It was sampled for each fret on each string and has 15 round robin layers. The extracted library costs ~5.2 GBs of disk space. DC Chronos Bass contains DI samples only and there’s no automatic alternate picking mode. You still can implement the latter using articulations though.

Download DC Chronos Bass and support the author here:

JH Freedom Bass

[cml_media_alt id='698']JH Freedom Bass[/cml_media_alt]
This one by Jona De Haro has less samples, but more features. There are 5 channels you may turn on/off, adjust their volume separately and route each of them to its own Kontakt output. DI channel with the direct bass guitar sounds, Low channel with the low frequencies part only and three distorted channels: Aggressive, Growler and Screamer. Attack knob tweaks a built-in envelope shaper and allows you to emphasize the attack sound if needed. Alt picking knob defines a maximum latch to apply an automatic alternate picking. There are 5 open strings of the bass sampled and 5 round robins per articulation (5 downstroke and 5 upstroke).

Download JH Freedom Bass:
Author’s page
Unfortunately, the original link for this bass is down, so I had to re-upload it.

And here’s a multitrack of this short instrumental for your testing/practice purposes:
Be nice and credit me if you post a mix somewhere. Here’s how:
Multitracks by Nikolas Quemtri from NRQ's Studio:

Thanks! 🙂

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Achilles Zaluar

Hi, the guitar record in this multtraks on post https://nrqs.net/en/posts/690 are 7 strings or what?

Nikolas Quemtri

Hey, yes, it’s my Agile Interceptor 727:

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