In this post I’m going to tell about the free pack of snare drum samples from DrumWerks.

Have recently found a thread on the UM forum, where DrumWerks has posted few different snare drum sample packs for free. There are some other samples on the DrumWerks official site available for purchase (either as packs or separately). In the thread above you may download archives with raw samples in WAV format and some popular drum instruments/software formats (made by community users): NI Kontakt, Slate Trigger (TCI) and Drumagog 5 (GOG).

Just in case, if all the forum links are dead, here are the mirrors: WAV, NKI, TCI, GOG.

This is the set of the snares available (at the moment of this post creation):

  • Pearl 14×6.5 Free Floating Maple Snare Muted
  • Pearl 14×6.5 Free Floating Maple Snare Open
  • Pearl Brass Snare
  • Pearl Sensitone Elite Aluminum II (hi and low tunings)
  • Yamaha 14×5.5 Oak Custom

Subjectively, I liked first three above the rest. They sound most versatile and suitable to different styles of a mix. Pearl Aluminium and Yamaha sounds are more specific: the resonances are expressed more and overall sounding is hi-mids.

There is a set of demos for each snare model for a comparison (the same drumset, except the snare, and the same beat):

Also, these DrumWerks samples are mixed already and contain a mix of individual microphones with overheads. So you’re not able to change the balance in this regard.

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very good samples

good samples

Great samples!!!

Nikolas Quemtri

Added links to the post.

Mantap Bro. Terima kasih

Nikolas Quemtri



Jayson Meiko

I really like this snare. Please can I get free wave file downloads?

Nikolas Quemtri

There’s a link in the article to the WAV archive as well as the other formats.

Really nice samples! Thanks so much <3

Nikolas Quemtri

You’re welcome!

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