NRQ’s Studio offers high-quality reamping services, using either tube amps or digital reamping.

Here are some of the available gear:

  • Kemper Profiling Amplifier Rack
  • Mesa/Boogie Dual Rectifier head
  • Makarov Krank Custom head
  • Mesa/Boogie Standart Slant 4×12 Cab
  • Engl E412SS 4×12 Cab
  • Custom Handmade 2×12 Cab
  • Marshall MG-100 DFX Combo
  • Ashdown Electro-Blue 80-120 Bass Combo
  • Radial JCR Passive Studio Reamper
  • Tube Hotty by Soldering Corp. – custom tube screamer
  • Zoom 707-II – for enthusiasts 🙂

And the microphones, those may be used in unlimited combinations in order to get a desired tone:

  • Neumann TLM-103 (condenser)
  • Oktava МК-219 (condenser)
  • Shure SM-57 (must have)
  • Sennheiser e902 (great bass/kick mic)
  • Beag MD-210 (dynamic)
  • Oktava МКE-2 (condenser)
  • Sennheiser e815 (dynamic)
  • Oktava MKE-271 (condenser)
  • Shure BG 1.1 (dynamic)
  • Oktava ML-51 (ribbon mic)

And this is an example of a high-gain tones, reamped by the analog stacks at our studio: