Hi there!

My name is Nikolas Roy Quemtri (NRQ for short). My primary activities are music recording, mixing, mastering, editing, production etc. Sometimes I record some pieces by myself:

Or covers:

In this blog, I plan to share some useful information in recording, mixing, mastering, reamping etc. domains.


Wagner Meirinho

Hi nikolas, how are you ? My name is Wagner Meirinho, im a metal producer here in Brazil, and i need to ask you this. In a few weeks, i will provide to a few students, a mix class, and u think theres a possibility to use any of these multitracks for educational purposes ? Are they royalty free ? Thank you

Nikolas Quemtri

Hi! All of these multitracks are from the public sources, so I do not think there will be a problem regarding using them in an educational purpose. Some of the archives contain a copyright info inside them though.

Hi, i checked out some of your mixes and really like your approch/style.
My band are currently looking to have their 2nd album mixed but we are very specific
on the direction/production of the mix thus sourcing out some test/sample mixes
id love to hear what you can do with 1 of our songs would you be interested in
doing a sample mix?



Nikolas Quemtri

Thanks, I’ve sent you the mail.
Sample/preview mixes are currently available for everybody!

Hal Longview

Hey Nik! Really love the stems you put up. Quality work 🙂

Would it be possible if you can put up Underoath tracks?


Nikolas Quemtri

I’ve just added Underoath – Writing On The Walls cover with vocals.
Check it out!