Hello friends, would you like to attend some cool mixing contest?

In cooperation with Forget My Promise we’ve recently released a song called Road Of Hope. Let’s mix the song and get a chance to win a great sounding amp sim from Mercuriall!

In order to participate in the mixing contest, you’ll have to

  1. Download the multitrack at the bottom of the page and check the info in the ReadMe file
  2. Like Mercuriall’s FB page or follow their Instagram
  3. Subscribe to my YouTube channel
  4. Mix it, following the rules (see below)
  5. Send me a link to your mix to this email (topic “NRQ’s Studio Mixing Contest”): nrqscontest@gmail.com
    Make sure to specify your (nick)name for me to check the 2nd and 3rd requirements.
    You’re free to post it on any streaming service, just credit us properly, as mentioned in the ReadMe file with the multitrack.
  6. The deadline is July 1 inclusive!
  7. Only one mix per person allowed, so I’d recommend you not sending it once you render the mix for the first time. Take your time and check on different systems to ensure everything sounds fine.
  8. Once the mixes submission is closed, I’ll take some time to listen to all of the entries carefully and choose a winner
  9. The winner will be able to select one of the commercial Mercuriall plugins as a prize!
  10. I’ll post a new video with the winner announcement and some nice bonuses for you all

[cml_media_alt id='731']Mixing Contest Project[/cml_media_alt]

Mixing rules

  • You can replace or augment the drums with the samples
  • Either use the reamped guitars/bass or do the reamping of your choice (the DIs are provided as well)
  • You’re not allowed to change the arrangement, add/remove parts. This is mixing contest only, so please use the tracks you’re provided with.
  • If you don’t use a streaming service, make sure your mix meets the following: WAV 44.1/16 or MP3 320 kbps

If you want to share the tracks, please, use the link to this page instead of copying the direct link.

Listen to the song

Posted by Nikolas Quemtri


Hi I can’t download the tracks…it says that the file is damaged…Is there any other way I can download the files? Im on a Mac

Nikolas Quemtri

Hello, I’ve just checked downloading the archive on OS X Mojave 10.14.5 and extracted it successfully using Keka unarchiver

Roelof Klop

Also problems downloading the files. Can’t seem to open them.
Mojave 10.14.4

Nikolas Quemtri

Hello, have you tried extracting it using Keka?

Dominik Dauter

Any decisions, yet?

Hi There.
I can download the tracks but Studio One says they cant open the tracks. It says the format of these files are not supported. It looks like wavs but clearly studio one doesn’t like them. Any ideas?

Nikolas Quemtri

Which song?

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