Here is a free kick drum instrument for your production.

I’ve came across these samples a while ago on this forum.
Pavel Merganov has posted a few kick samples he recorded at the studio.
I’ve downloaded them, processed (added some room ambience as well) and made NKI, TCI and PD instruments of the kick.

Native Instruments Kontakt (NKI)

The instrument has five channels, which are mics one and two, a couple of mixed channels and a reverb channel called “room”.
You can turn each of them on and off, tweak their volume and adjust the decay time as well, which I found pretty useful while mixing a kick drum. E.g., setting short decays for direct mics, while leaving long decay for room.
There are also output routing menus and MIDI note mapping controls.

Slate Trigger (TCI)

There are 5 TCIs – an instrument per each channel (Mic1, Mic2, Mix1, Mix2 and Room), so you’re free to use and mix them in your own way.

Perfect Drums (PD)

Here you’ll need a free Perfect Drums Player in order to load the *.pdpi portable instrument file. Since one can’t create a freely configurable channels in Perfect Drums, I’ve mapped them as followed:
PD DIRECT - 2 Mics Rock Kick Mic 1
PD OVERHEAD - 2 Mics Rock Kick Mic 2
PD REVERB - 2 Mics Rock Kick Mix 1
PD FX - 2 Mics Rock Kick Mix 2
PD ROOM - 2 Mics Rock Kick Room


Here’s how it sounds in a drum mix:

Video overview:


Native Instruments Kontakt – NKI
Slate Trigger instruments – TCI
Perfect Drums Player – PDPI

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